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Smart Cities Americas has just launched Smart City Miami Magazine, the first publication in the U.S. focused on building a smart city ecosystem.

The theme of the magazine’s first edition is “Sustainable Cities Experiences.” This follows along from last year’s second annual Smart City Expo Miami, which brought together 50 globally-recognized speakers – some of the best thinkers in urbanism and technology.

“Despite the challenges the urban life faces today, there is optimism,” commented architect and urban planner Bernardo Scheinkman, CEO of Smart Cities Americas and curator of Smart City Expo Miami. These speakers shared their innovative ideas with the more than 5,000 people who attended the conference on its unique, interactive digital platform.

“The event brought Miami to the forefront of innovation in urban solutions with sustainability,” said Scheinkman. He underscored the diverse backgrounds of participants, which included public sector officials, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, startups, and more.

Apart from clear environmental benefits, there is a tangible economic advantage to the sustainable smart cities movement. Smart Cities Americas is attracting leading smart cities companies to South Florida that will collectively bring $40 billion in revenue for local businesses while creating 20,000 new jobs.

Smart City Miami Magazine details what this economic and environmental transformation will look like by showcasing presentations from last year’s Smart City Expo Miami. The publication is divided into seven themes: innovation & change, sustainable growth, resilient infrastructure, climate action, transportation & mobility, quality of life, and inclusive & sharing.

Miami features prominently in the innovation & change category, which includes keynote presentations given by the City of Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, and the mayor of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava. Both highlight our city’s role in creating a sustainable and resilient community.

“The time is over to simply be reactive to climate change,” proclaims Mayor Suarez. “We must be proactive and pave the way for other cities in the U.S. and around the world to achieve lower carbon emissions while ensuring our communities remain safe and prosperous.”

While Jonathan Reichental, CEO of Human Future, discusses why smart cities are resilient cities, Paul Doherty, CEO of The Digit Group, traces the emergence of a human-centric, data-driven community.

In the sustainable growth section, Bas Boorsma from the City of Rotterdam makes the case for an innovation agenda that is social in nature, while Coral Gables CIO Raimundo Rodulfo highlights how that city has leveraged technology as a sustainability strategy.

The resilient infrastructure section shares a diverse range of perspectives from private and public sector leaders. For instance, Ray Walsh, an Assistant Professor at Dublin City University, advocates for digital transformation with sustainable standards.

When it comes to climate action, experts discussed how we can adapt to climate change from a smart cities perspective. The transportation & mobility section dives into the details on cycling infrastructure and self-driving cars.

In the quality of life section, we learn about the interaction between city design and citizens’ health, while the inclusive & sharing section underscores the interplay between entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Smart City Miami Magazine is a key resource for climate innovators, building off of last year’s Smart City Expo Miami and building towards this year’s edition, “SUSTAINABLE is the NEW SMART,” which will take place online and in person on December 12th-14th.

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Smart City Miami® Magazine

Publication puts Miami at the center of sustainable smart city innovation